ClearFaze is about Support, Guidance and Advoacy.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

What is ClearFaze About?

We all have aspects of ourselves that are not well understood or properly healed. This leads us to insidious patterns of thinking and behvaiour that stop us from living the best life we can.

With ClearFaze I offer Guidance.  Unlike many forms of counseling, I do not offer advice or a generalisation of a clients lived experience.  And there is no pathological perspective of the client.  Rather I guide the client to open-up guarded parts of themselves in a managable, safe and confidential space.  It is the client that through this process, will come to re-formulate their beliefs and experiences that lead to the diminishing of unwanted patterns.  It is healing from the inside out.

ClearFaze offers Support Groups centred around single issues such as addictions, body image, womens oppression and mens oppression.  Each support group works intimately together creating a dynamic of multi-faceted support.  Under agreed parameters on non-judgement, high confidentiality and respect.

I also offer the service of a personal advocate.  Rather than act as a mediator I am more a personal ally that can act on your behalf and/or support you through conflict, negotiations or declarations.  I'm clearly and wholly on your side.